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Pizza is always amazing, every time - though delivery can be a little slow and I'm not far away from the shop. Otherwise - please change your address boxes for delivery, I couldn't put in my flat number and I don't want this delivered to the wrong place! Thank you.

Kirsty, 03 Nov 2020

Great food!

Colin, 31 Oct 2020

Every option that I've chosen has been really good. The Mexican is especially good, but also extremely spicy!

Dominique, 29 Oct 2020

Only negative feedback is the size of the sauce pots they are ridiculously small could do with being a little bigger. Pizzas were cooked very nice and food arrived nice and hot.

Keith, 31 Jul 2020

Hi, thanks for sorting out the Diet Coke for us, was much appreciated! Last time we ordered from you it was good but there was slightly too little toppings, this time it was perfect. The toppings were generous and overall it was tasty, well made and great value. It's nice to be able to support a local business so we'll definitely be ordering again :).

Adam, 27 Jul 2020

Nice choice

David, 17 Jul 2020

Great pizza

Gavin, 17 Jul 2020

Great service and helpful

John , 22 Jun 2020

This place is the BEST takeaway in Edinburgh. Every time we order we’re met with amazing, piping hot food, there’s so much variety, the prices are so great and they have the absolute best customer service. Delivery drivers are always friendly, and if the order is ever late or they get it a bit wrong, they’re always so apologetic and ready to do anything to make it right. Usually the delivery is early or right on time, but once our order was a bit late and they sent us a massive dessert pizza to make up for it! We love you Hey Pizza :D

Sean Odonnell, 15 Jun 2020

Pizza was nice great choice. We never received the correct dip for our starter. And the website and just eat listing are very conflicting. Plus £3 delivery seems quite a jump to regular delivery.

Catherine, 08 Jun 2020

  Reply : Hi Catherine, glad you enjoyed your pizza. Apologies about the dip. You do get better value coming direct as you do with all takeaways. £3.00 is our standard delivery charge and our only delivery charge which goes straight to the delivery driver. Thanks for taking your time to review us. Hope to be of service to you soon. Hey Pizza Mgmt

Best pizza in Edinburgh

Tattiet, 22 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the awesome review Tattiet, we hope to be at your service soon. Hey Pizza Mgmt

Good nice food

Sam, 15 May 2020

Great value pizzas, the Volcano is my personal favourite, and I try others at the same time with their 2 for 1 deal (leftovers are still nice the next day too!). As I tend to order when I'm working late nights at the weekend which I guess is when they're at their busiest, I don't expect immediate delivery, but the online system gives you a fair idea of expected delivery time, it can be a bit later sometimes, it can be early too, the main thing is the food is hot when arriving. On the one occasion they were very going to be very very late for delivery, they called me first to ask if I still wanted the order or not, which was really appreciated.

Claire, 10 May 2020

The gluten free is so good.

Hassan, 02 May 2020

really quick to order, clear, and quality service! 9/10, will definitely recommend.

Stephanie, 29 Apr 2020

All ok

Phil, 11 Apr 2020

First time trying after popping in when passing. I loved being able to see the chef hand stretching the dough and adding the toppings and sauce. Pizza was delicious. Will be having with family this weekend.

Adam, 09 Apr 2020


Lauryn, 05 Apr 2020

Fantastic!!!! Something to suit everyone from age 3 to 60. Meat feast was particularly good. Nice thin pizzas with crisp crust - proper Neapolitan style. Delicious thank you

Liz Schorah, 08 Mar 2020


Mr, 07 Mar 2020


Highly recommend! Bit pricy but worth every penny. Food was delicious and will be ordering again soon

Fraser Allan, 29 Feb 2020